We reached 300.000$

yes in a week we loaded the token to 0.30$

Humanora token takes it further than expected, imagine that it will clean the market of heavy opiates s in the future.

We could only hope that it mean something for people on the market. AlphabetX strive to take it further than this.

In the future we'll invest in natural medicines and staff people. Join us today!

We'll show the politicians that we are not the playground for chemicals.

join us on, waves, facebook and twitter to come in touch with us!


Humanora asset ID:D8oRkBsqG7vi2rRZtF27ZJrg9NefRQiTfQv5upwfh7JX

On the waves platform 

The Humanora token is an solution for you and me, we strive to increase natural medicines and collect knowledge of what the nature has to offer.

Everyone have or hasn't noticed the explosion of cannabis world wide. However we like the oppurtunity and want to take it further, with natural medicines for humans and animals.

Join us on the wave platform and be a part of something great.

Humanora is like it's sister ALP coin a token of trade. 

And someday we will even take it to the future.

Humanora token is reissueable and has it's value at 1 000 000, tokens with 8 decimals. It's a so called smart contract and costs wave or BTC. 

However you can change it in with other coins.

We'll have a sale and we''ll have a buy.

Join us today and start trading Humanora token.


We strive for 100% natural medicines!

Why we are celebrating? Yes I'll tell you about the many victories of the struggle. And perhaps a little about the management and creating of the AlphabetX crypto currency. But mostly about the coin, the many victories as we know ain't over yet and to maintain our course of the ship we need to rebuild. That is what (ALP) will do. We still have a long way to go meanwhile we struggle to get investors. However the coin have to be built as an payment, as an reward for us and all the people who needs it. We'll stay in touch at Twitter and Facebook meanwhile the coin builds our platform. 

We just announced Humanora token on the waves platform.

Join the platform today and invest with us!


We'll build the future!

Join our battle in europe and world wide!

We want to legalize medical Marijuana

Why we should legalize!

we are an idealistic now registered, non-profit, organization that wants to legalize medical marijuana, give it to patients and spread in certain shops worldwide. Cbd is known as the asset of cannabis aswell as thc known as the rush.

Though many years of studies have shown that it could be as healthy as vitamins or even a little more effective.

Though it has been as a treatment for hundreds of thousands of years.

Little is known about the plant but we start to understand it more effective and little by little start to accept it.

Now i can only talk from my own experience that i know the hemp products many ways to be used as a human asset.

We want to inform you about cbd's many ways to treat patients with stroke and cancer, HIV and pain.

Though myself suffers of backpains and treatable muscle pains and knows the benefits of using hemp oils and seed proteins to build muscles.

Cannabis sativa has thousands of substances that are known to treat illness and pain, maby even treat the very black heart of cancer.

Medical Marijuana policy

We started this organization the summer 2018 July 30th and had a purpose to spread medical Marijuana through petitions only three months later.

We reached so few people and all were not interested though so many campaigns through the world the past years by other organizations.

It was almost done when we realized that the word could be spread to people. So we decided not to give in. 

The policy of our organization is to spread and help patients and certain habits in prison for use of marijuana if it will work out in the end.

However all cannot be done in one day and the probihiton is a center of attention in every country. However we intend to spread and now we'll work on our own plains.

If you want to bea part of it be sure to write articles and paste them into mails, however if thats possible. Well build up little by little any day now so be sure you stay in contact. Wich means Twitter or Facebook or just write your comments on the page.


We have now started this season by building petitions on legalizing Marijuana world wide. We know that it's been a hard struggle and intend to post our success if there are any. 

We need you too!

Help people uderstand!

When in EU use caution

I am sorry to admit that the rules of cannabis sativa is restricted in our area and only seeds are legalized. It does not mean that the struggle is over and we give in! However Marijuana is a medicine and comes in many forms and the way to express it comes different tasks. We intend to legalize all sorts of way's it may be used becuase it as an earlie civilization medicine has proofs to be more effective than opiats and other medicines with bieffects.

This only effects you as an person and however you wan't to start using it. Becuase of the many way's to use it, It's known as more than a drug in many ways and the medicine more effective as an natural cause! There is only hunger as an bieffect, but the CBD what it does is that it makes you stronger after you have eaten.

Im not going to brainwash you but it may be so that an cure for cancer is found and has been for thousands of years.

Now it may be a target for other interests and dangerous to talk about in wrong directions, however it is a natural resource and is that to 100%

Waves platform!

Why we should Legalize marijuana!


Tero Hollanti

Cannabis a civilization relief!

Please write to us and share your reviews

We are needing of staff people and writers though it seems like we already are there.



For medical use choose Marijuana!

It's been proven very effective and for a healthy beeing, make it reality for handling your disease!