Cannabis sativa as the very best

When I ask myself why I should recommend the cbd? The answer may be I've not used it yet, but it has always been there and as an very best performer it has seduced human kind for hundred thousand years and been ancient solutions. 

Though the very best may not show itself as an drug or an behavior. It might work as an cbd and it may have some effects on the human behavior. Or not! It never asked to be misunderstood as an drug though mostly of the plant produces thc. What should we do? Tame it or let it be an natural source. You know what I think?! I think the patient should be the one to decide. If you imagine it to be a rush then let it be a rush with the cbd as the medicine. It's not up to politicians to decide whether to what we shall do or how it will be done. But it's up to you to decide it! Let it be free and help the patients whatever it will take. 

Why we should be allowed to use pot

When i heard the news that they started a legalizing campaign in the States i knew that it's not to far away from Sweden where i live, in early days of the campaign i knew that it will be legalized in sweden. Although it had not the same effect and was only accepted as a medicine as CBD with recepies. However as an Swede i'll start to demonstrate becuase it has held us up as it debate during the 90's. And enough now we should be allowed to use pot as an example agains costly medicines and long waiting queue's at the death bed's! We are not allowed to use cannabis as an medicine becuase of heavy eu restrictions that swedish politicians follows. We are not allowed to use laughing rushes in dark times either. It would offend, who? The bible?

At the 1600 century sweden left the catholic church and became "protestant" or "Lutherans" however it says things in the bible that are against it and things that says that it is for it. But why should we follow the bible if we are sick? Are the church so needy of sick people even now?

No, politicians in the country of sweden are conservative and very dry when it comes to alcohol and drugs. When it comes to the individual it must be known that we are our petitions and we will leave the as they are on the table of EU.

The medicine

When I read the papers i see that the most effective of them lies would be that I could be handy to criminals. However if the criminal wants to heal then?! What does he do to prevent illnesses that other people doesn't? He might buy himself a bud and smoke it in a room with other criminals. However it doesn't bring me the fact that it would compare him for doministic violence. It doesn't make him violent. And why should a person who decides to smoke instead of drinking himself poor be the victim. Now it's so that the person let's call him James. Buys the drug from a criminal and not from the state so that the criminal let's call him Joe. Will be able to commit more dangerous activities that includes heavier drugs. Now Joe can afford to move on with abusive drugs as cocains and amphetamines. However Marijuana is an medicine and James heard of Joe's new drugs and decides to try it. Now the both are stuck in a web and spreading dangerous drugs.... That's the logic of the state. Not of marijuana!

Seeds as they come!

Hemp seeds

Cannabis as a flower

Many peole i heard of only had positive experiences by cannabis sativa, when it is needed it will remain as two strains and perhaps smaller ones like ruderalis. But mostly cannabis sativa and cannabis indica as the most known. But there is a hemp flower that have many different strains becuase of industrialization. However the flower is big and grows in buds that produces reisins and nodes that are full of thc and cbd. The leafes changes colour and so does the buds. The smell is sweat and skunky or more like citrus as an flower.

But to come there you'll need to feed and flush the flower when needed and it includes not to water or overfeed it. However the stem can be set to flower by cropping it in different directions only if you use certain methods during the vegetable stage. It' can be done with a tread that bends the stem down, however the new flower will turn into the light an produce more heads, only if done right. When you grow cannabis you need to know about the light cycle that the flower isn't disturbed and don't produce seeds. Therefore a 12/12 light of and light on cycle when it is flowering. The flower is strong before you decide to change the cycle and it is up to you to decide when you change the cycle. But it can be set three weeks that is when it reached 30 cm.

You decide the strain and we recomend that you use the medical marijuana.

It comes in seed's almost world over and will be sent discreat to you.

When it is time to harvest you will see the nodes change colour into the special strain colour. However after that it might be to late to harvest. That is if you'r after the thc aswell.It's may been considered that THC effects your body in that state to eventually heal, there has been testings.


What would our genetics say about nature's own?

Battle for genetics

We all know that when we come to this world we are vulnerable and strong in a way. It is the genetics that decides wither you are healthy or not and your mothers genetics protects you. When you grow up your genetics decides to go its own way and you become unprotected as an grown up human being and you decide if you are healthy or not. That is when you are at risks other than that you are born with. Imagine cannabis sativa as the very protector of your genetics. Could it be so that we been misunderstood and started to misunderstand the very best of our nature? I believe the very best of our health has come with nature and should be protected at very cost. We are not less vulnerable than the baby at our very first year. To understand what could be protected is the very understanding of our cause. 


This will be my first review on this matter though I have run in to complicated things buying seeds. At first my payments took very long time then as a second guess the postman wasn't very nice to my packages. Though it's known that a order can pass through many borders before ending on your post-office. However it went well only a sticker were hurt. But know this even if you don't have a credit card there is always a shop that waits for you to purchase their very magical trophy seeds. And don't worry almost all seeds are unharmed and ready for you! I could go on for hours and say that in EU you don't plant seeds that are illegal. However that's no problem in other regions and we are happy to inform you of all the breeders on facebook and Twitter how they succeeded though very hard times.

Now when people stand before luxury problems they are not even thinking of that there could be a Chance for them to win cups.

However let them know it there is Marijuana breeding cups and pretty serious kinds.

Love your flower and learn how to make it happy.

And it will listen, it's a meditation that brings you through ages.

If you now intend to rule the agenda. We welcome you to our communities and to our organization, later on we'll discuss how we intend to make this organization worth the task.

Know this it is up to you to decide if you want to be a part of the movement.

What does affect us?

What does the human body need when it is to its fully functional growth? 

How can we effect the nature of its behavior? 

To many questions remains unanswered! 

If not if we gave it her natural strength and healed her to that point we understand why it suffered all losses. Why she remained fragile and how we could try ancient perspectives and new sciences. 

We could dominate health perspectives and rewrite lack of time. 

And yes it is our behavior, to not care for each others and not to be that second person who gives the helping hand. 

But it may not be to late for some understanding and not to late when we ask ourselves what can I do to stop illness? How can I heal certain wounds and how can I join the second phrace of life when there is so much pain? 

There is a treatment of that I'm sure. I'm so sure that I understand the very denial of it. When you want to heal you forget all things that really made you strong and why it is important to see through the very human perspective. We can build our selves that confident trust and ignore our losses to a bright new future. We will conquer this planet as our own but never give in for her true genetics. And why is that? 

There is too many questions too little time and for that we should be able to build our confidence and really accept cannabis sativa. And when it is done build ourselves the bridge of a stronger DNA and greater genetics through the very black heart of diseases. When we are stronger build that confidence we heard of. Just like life itself, build up don't worry about a thing for a stronger cycle in life. That's why we need the substances that are in cbd, cannabinoids and perhaps self confidence! 

The Bud

everyone i talked to has heard of the Bud, When i was younger i thought the strenght was in the leafes an not in a silly thing as the flower. However i grew up and realised that the bud carries al the reisins and CBD and thc so it may be used by the little seedlings as it's natural compost. However today we thousands of different names on different flower wich contain different strenght of thc and cbd. When i considered myself in a jungle of strains i knew very little but i ordered the right strains for medicine. And someday i'll plant them for my backpain and make them flower. But when it comes to the flower you should know the different nodes and seed capsuls as a part of the flower, and never to hurt it before it has been harvested. Many cultures saw it as a holy flower and used it so they may feast and dance and many tribes used it as a medicine. There are however no difference between the thc and the cbd and becuase of it effects it has been used at before humans came to earth. We learned to breed it and use light to control it as both. However there has been tests that say both thc and cbd are healthy on mice and had an calming effect when smoked. Thats no news and i know as an writer that i am against animal testings and that we are strong enough to decide it by our selves.

Then as a medicine i cannot do anything else than recomend it to human use and medical use through Europe and rest of the world.

"Be careful if you live in a country that have restrictions!"

Remeber that mostly of the seed companies don't want you to break the law and therefore use caution if you plant a medicinal plant in eu....Though if you live in countries that accept it i wish you all good luck wich of it, It may be!