Planting a seed doesn't make you addicted to heavy crimes. Planting a seed doesn't make you addicted to cannabis. That is so that even if you decide to smoke the results of it, you don't get addicted. Addicted is when someone decides to make a criminal act against the law. Not for an easy feast or a good time with your friends. 

It may occur that it have criminal ties, but then again not by Marijuana itself. 

Why is there laws against medicine? 

The only answer is EU restrictions.

The medicine companies does not want Marijuana because of their "pride".

Ok a doctor can prescribe a cannabis treatment to a patient that suffered, but he cannot do the same for a worker that suffered chronically pains during the same day. That's wrong against them both.

However in the mean end a law against intolerance could be subscribed for politicians that ignore people that could be happier as the both patients.

If they had the cure in time.

Imagen a drug addiction instead of an solution, you will understand what is important. The drug may be effective for a while but a pure medicine will open the gateways away from addictive solutions.

A law against them are wrong and the heavier a drug gets, the more polite the patient will be against wrong diagnoses. 

You could retain drugs as solutions but not help the patient at place. A chronic pain could be a tumor. 

Marijuana fights tumors, it fights pain and suffering as well.

Amphetamine only makes you think clearer and more active. However you can and will get addicted to it. 

Opiates is dangerous and can make your heart stop in overdoses. 

Whatever the law says it cannot be retained that as example ADHD patients will use heavy drugs against a eventually use of Marijuana, in case of addiction.

Remember a medical treatment can be harmful and it can be devastating.

If I could choose I choose the thc and cannabinoids instead of amphetamines. 

I fought the law and the law won

What to decide

I want to decide what to use and when to use it! : If that's you? You don't have a problem deciding when or whenever you want to eat or inhale the herb. 

Whenever you feel that you are good to go use the Marijuana "button". Yeah like people would say that they are not worthy.

That would be a good thing to do something as special like killing a psychosis.

Or know this the more cbd the less pain and thc you'll need.

Be the one to decide, take a moment and watch a canvas or a silly cartoon.

You can also make a great choice for your favorite movie.

If you want you can browse the net.

But know this a healthy patient is a happy moment and may need a little of all the substances.

But then again you might want to sleep. It's up to you to choose, vape, "joint", blunt, spliff, bong or even the snack. 

I can offer you a moment of peace with your self confidence.

Because you'll never get addicted and you be the one who never look at a hospital corridor again.

That's what self medication is about! 

How will we serve you?


I'n a part of Europe they have coffeeshops that sells and provides you with cannabis or whatever you'll like to order in that way. 

I've never been there and it has its own reasons. You may order your own brand and enjoy a cup of something drinkable. 

How is it possible that only one country enjoys the facts of something that is so important to us? 

Imagen a great way to socialize with your mind if it would be that far or with good friends. You can also find a good place to start the day away from all the pain.

Even if it would be legal you wouldn't need to sit in the shop.

Who said everything was about pain?

Enjoy the facts that idealisticly it would help so many people that it make sense to have a good time and be able to talk to them about the things that you do.

In a future that will be possible. 

The future isn't far away it just needs to be remodeld and accepted like the very best of the seeds.

But i depends on people and what they want to do with them selves.

Nature isn't hard on you but it shows less respect through it's wery tempting obstacles.

Be ready to defend your very rights and be ready to enter the world as an champion of your cause.

Making marijuana worth wide is an hard task and people needs the respect you are willing to give. Remeber that it is always a pain relief and nothing else.

But then again people are different and all doesn't get effected of same doses and same treatments, but with medical marijuana you'll need to think saftey first even if it is an small drug it doesen't work like an as example alchole or opiat. You cannot overdose it but it doesen't mean that everyone accepts it.

The very human mind is the thief and can make such as those places worth the wild.

As the coffee-shops in Amsterdam as example.

I'm not telling you to use it, but the very plant has it's benefits and will treat cancer and other pains.

Know that you are willing to help yourselves in every case and that could be devestating if it were not for the cannabis sativa.

Now you can  browse the web in sweden and order the CBD, thats an relief but then again we in AlphabetX intend to legalize it.


There is always a alternative seed company!


AlphabetX is now an registered organization i EU law and soon will be registered in sweden. We don't commit any crimes and we are an idealistic organization that spreads new on the internet on this very page.

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