AlphabetX The very start!

In the late summer of 2018, we decided to start an organization called the AlphabetX.

At first it was everything about trading and bitcoin. Though it did not went so well so i decided to remodel the very facts in trading and mining. I built an computer that were able to mine and can be built to a rig sometimes in the future.

However it went to the very point that i started mining CANN/cannabiscoin and someway it works out like that.

However with coins slowly mining i can lay back and work with people all the time and by Twitter and other medias it can be a reality for so many.

We intend to build't up more than just that so i writed to the socialcare for organizations in sweden.

They haven't answered me yet so i figure i can wait some weeks to build up our pages maintime.

I dont know how far it will go but i think i have an clue for how this will work locally.

That's all about that and now we can focus on how we will build up.

I've registered the organization in two places that i know it will take some time but i got my papers from one place. However our organization does not have anything to hide and in the future we will be able to support people at our plains.

Now to the very best of our organization. It's the Twitter and facebook there you can if you want to follow us during these times. If you want.


There is an organization for it?

Well yes and no, but then again we are an idealistic organization!

We don't tolerate politicial violence from no side and we intend to use politicial powers to maintain our course.

However in EU we are an organization with a registered number that makes us feel welcome.

We will help people and patients when it is time for that and the priority is rather high.

However in Sweden we are almost done registered and it can take a while's guess in time.

Then again i can only answer your question as an "YES" becuase of the politicial rules and the very slow decisions, but we have some petitions to write and some papers to print and one man cannot do it by her/him self.

It's almost as easy as rolling a blunt.

Swedes has some rules against "drunk-driving" but then again cbd has no effect however on it. I'm not telling that I'll make the rules. 

We will help people when we are able to it in meantime, "i suggest that people help us around with smaller things." 

Well need that account everyone is speaking of so i'll have to do that too.

Meanwile keep calm and be at your best mood, we intend to help and we are networking.detailed info is always updated you are welcome to read it. 

Help us change Europe and the world

Help us rewrite history, and be a strong help for you!

Why Cbd is expensive?

CBD in Sweden are very expensive and a big bottle would cost me 80€ or 800-900sek, however it's legal to buy and consume. But then again the very restricted rules of plantations and the slow thinking jury will have a lot more than that. It's a class question and you must own acres of the land you use. And that's for the Hemp. There are restrictions against how much thc is allowed and to be honest. Sweden is far behind in handling it affordable. 

So meantime order your cbd's from other countries but then again it feels a little wrong to do the probihition the favor. You'll never know what's in it and what you got. If you are after less thc that will be an economical issue however, though bigger amounts of thc is forbidden. So support your local Hemp farm or industries by buying from the best suppliers. That will create better crops in the future.  And it is the crops that will provide you with the better quality products

Support the farmers sign petitions